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When Probate Goes Wrong

When a person passes away, family members unfamiliar with the legal system can suddenly be thrust into the middle of an unfamiliar whirlwind.  Many times, that whirlwind fizzles into nothing, and the probate process ends uneventfully.  Occasionally, however, the person in charge of the estate ignores the legal requirements of their position, and probate proceedings […]

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What Is A Will?

At some point in life, almost everyone has encountered a will.  Whether it’s serving as an executor, rummaging through drawers to find a lost will, or even driving mom and dad to a lawyer’s office to draft one, most people are familiar with the idea of a will.  But what is a will actually? Black’s […]

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What is Estate Planning?

There is no better place to start than with the basics. Estate planning is the process of deciding how you want your assets to be distributed after you pass away. Whether a person has accumulated vast amounts of wealth or lives by modest means, many people have an opinion as to what should happen to […]

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Estates: What New Parents Should Know

The arrival of a new child, either through birth or adoption, can be an exciting time.  Among the dramatic life changes, it is easy for new parents to put off taking care of their legal arrangements.  New parents should review their legal plans without delay after a new child arrives to ensure that their spouse […]

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Choosing a Healthcare Agent

A Healthcare Power of Attorney is a document that appoints an agent to make your healthcare decisions in case you are unable to make them yourself.  These situations may be as routine as a minor surgery under general anesthesia to more serious long term illnesses, or even a vegetative state.  Having the right document in place can ensure […]

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Jared Anderson Opens New Office

Attorney Jared Anderson, a Maryville native, has announced the opening of his new practice at 351 Glascock Street in Alcoa, Tennessee.  Mr. Anderson attended Vanderbilt University for his undergraduate studies before earning his law degree from Emory University.  He practiced law in Knoxville before returning to his hometown to start his own practice. Mr. Anderson […]

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